XProtocol ($XPT)


Contract Address: 0x881b7c5c426ce970bf88d95cf02d389a6ca700d3

Binance Smart Chain


XProtocol is the "best" dual rewards auto-staking & auto-compounding protocol in Crypto with a fixed APY of 470,945% and a 5% BUSD rewards distributed to all holders with each transaction. Interest are paid every 15 minutes automatically by just holding the token in your wallet.

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  • Twitter: 5081 followers
  • Telegram: 4757 Members

  • Critical: 5 | 0
  • Major: 5 | 0
  • Minor: 5 | 0
  • Can be improved: 3 | 0

  • 03/09/22: Added new metrics and infographics, improved the layout.

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  • Professionalism
  • Documentation and Roadmap
  • Team
  • Audit
  • Function Checks
  • Liquidity
  • Wallet
  • Volatility
  • Code Quality
  • Value Creation
  • Innovativeness
  • Competition
  • Market Analysis
  • Tokenomics
  • Buy Pressure
  • Moon Potential
  • Return on Investment
  • Community Activity
  • Social Presence
  • Engagement
  • Morale
  • Holder
  • Narrative
  • Product Status
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For the professionalism criteria, the XProtocol website while sufficient lacks information or uniqueness. It seems like a complete copy of what most other projects in this category would look like. It has low-quality documentation, with vague explanations. There’s no available data on the team aside from their first names which might be completely false also. Aside from that, the team has not expressed any plans of doxxing as of the moment. The project itself does not have an audit. While the closest project that has the same feature as this protocol, Quantic, has a solidity audit, their contracts have a lot of difference and thus would need to have their own audit done to get a higher score. See DiffChecker to find the code difference. For the function checks, our tool has detected that 3 high-risk functions are part of the contract. Thus only scoring 3 points. More than 75% of the liquidity has been locked but only for 30 days. No suspicious transactions from the project wallets were noted as of writing this review. Unlocked wallets are above the liquidity pool and thus are vulnerable to synchronize market selling. It is highly advisable that the team lock the 1st address and use a contract function to automatically initiate burn mechanisms.

The total market cap as of writing this review is 5,239,722 USD, the unlocked market cap is 94,199 USD and the current liquidity is 14,091 USD. The current liquidity/market cap ratio is 14.95% which is very high. 

No other value creation or use case is planned as of the moment. Thus, its only use is wealth distribution which would not bode well for long-term sustainability. We have subjectively deemed the project to be of average quality based on their presentation, marketing, code quality, and community. There has been a lot of Titano Forks that are cropping up left and right. While it is nowhere near the levels of OHM forks, we project that about 15 more projects will pop up before we move on to the next big thing. Finance is a known large market and has been already decentralized thus a lot of users are adapting to it. While the tokenomics of Titano Forks are significantly better than OHM forks are, sell pressure is still immense due to the APY offered. We have no illusions that the price will someday fall. Again, the token has no utility aside from wealth distribution, it has no hype around it to drive market prices higher nor does it have mechanics in place to incentivize holding or buying of the token. With only 94,199 USD market cap, I project that it has a mooning potential to around 3m USD market cap which is a 30x from the current levels, 5 points to this category. With an APY almost 500,000%, the doubling time is less than a month. This is of course, in terms of the number of coins and not the actual value itself.

The project has a working product already but still missing the app dashboard but the functions of auto-staking and auto-reflections are still working as intended even without the front end. The community is large in Telegram with almost 5000 members but shows little activity. I suspect, half of these are botted accounts and thus fake and non-contributory to the market capitalization. It has a very small social media presence with only 2 youtube videos available at the time of the review and few tweets about it with some number of retweets and likes. It has no social presence yet. While lurking through their telegram group, I generally perceive a hopeful sentiment among their members due to low market capitalization and being early. With already 800 holders and an unlocked market cap of 94,199 USD, that would be more than 750 holders per 1 million market cap. it is a good sign that no large whale has entered the project yet. Currently, titano forks are doing well and thus has the narrative going for it.


  • Very low market cap
  • Very high fixed APY
  • Good narrative because it is a Titano Fork
  • No large whales yet


  • Concerning safety lapses
  • Undoxxed team and no smart contract audit
  • Botted telegram group
  • No marketing yet.

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Project Estimates

Based on our experience of the reviewing multiple projects, here are our estimates.

0 k
Market Cap during Initial Review
0 x
Potential Multiplier
0 m
Estimated Peak Market Cap
Overall Risk Level

Extremely High Risk

Given the Conviction Level of Low and a Market Cap of Extremely Low, we have deemed this project to be of moderate to high risk. We expect that you do not allocate more than 0.25% of your portfolio in this project and that you take your initial capital out as soon as possible. Then, take out most of your investments before it reaches 3x from your initial investment.

Conviction Level
With a total score of 2.9, we have rated this project to be of low conviction level.
Portfolio Allocation
Taking into account our conviction level and the current market cap of the project, we are only allocating 0.25% of our portfolio into this project.
Market Cap
With a market cap of 94k USD at the time of writing this review, we are extremely early to this project.
Investment Horizon
With an overall risk level of high, our investment horizon will be limited to short term only. Secure your capital as soon as possible.

Price Multiplier

Sell % of Initial Token

% Potential Loss

















10% every week


Technical Analysis aka Horoscope. Magic Ball. Hocus Pocus.

Given the very low volume and early nature. No discernable technical analysis can be done. However..

It is currently undergoing a compression which could go either ways, to the upside and the downside. Once it approaches the apex of the triangle, expect a breakout followed by a retracement to the resistance/support line. Confirm the movement with heavy volume relative to the timeline.

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