TankWars Zone ($WBond)

TankWars Zone ($WBond)

TankWars Zone IS A METAVERSE-READY EXCITING AND VISUALLY REFRESHING ACTION GAME BUILT ON BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY. With various gameplays, you can play solo, or gather your friends, form a team, and battle with others while being able to earn money just by playing or staking your NFTs.

Public Launch
Coin Tracker Listing
Fantom Address: 0x69884dA24F31960F694A8fa1f30aA8E0416FBD04
  • Fantom
  • April 23, 2022: Start of Private Sale Vesting
  • January 23, 2023: Start of Team Vesting

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Special comments not covered by the rating system:

They don’t have past big projects however the team is big.

I’ve been trying to find the lock duration in the contract but can’t seem to find it. Regardless, the vast majority of the liquidity is unlocked. Liquidity vulenarability of 220% meaning if whales tried to band together, they can crash the price real hard.

Quality-wise, it’s a game I would not play if it was not a GameFi P2E NFT Project. I think it’s stale and there’s no definite progression that we should chase for unlike most mobile games. First mover advantage on fantom, other wise there’s a lot of AFK NFT Games out there. 46% is alloted to the team, advisors, venture capitalists, marketing and private sales respectively. That’s a lot of sell pressure. 94% is left to be unlocked. That’s a lot of dilution left. With an unlocked market cap of 3.5 million, I’m looking at a peak market cap of 35 million.

I have suspicions of a fraudulent count since there’s not a lot of holders even though the community is large. Engagement rate is low. They need to up their twitter game. They have a lot of VCs as partners but they are backed by the Fantom Foundation. Plus 1 Minus 1. No deductions here.


  • Good team score of 4 in total.
  • ROI is pretty fast, as standard of P2E games.
  • Lots of partners, particularly, backed by the Fantom Foundation.


  • Tokenomics is bad. There will be a lot of sell pressure in the future.
  • Liquidity is unlocked.
  • Prone to synchronize whale selling
  • Game is uninspiring.







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