StarGate Finance ($STG)

StarGate Finance ($STG)

Stargate is a fully composable liquidity transport protocol. With Stargate, users & dApps can transfer native assets cross-chain while accessing the protocol’s unified liquidity pools with instant guaranteed finality. Swap 1:1 native assets cross-chain, accessing Stargate’s unified liquidity pools. Add liquidity to Stargate’s Omnichain protocol and earn stablecoin rewards on every Stargate transfer. STG holders can lock their STG tokens to receive veSTG, Stargate’s governance token.

Public Launch
Coin Tracker Listing
Ethereum Address: 0xAf5191B0De278C7286d6C7CC6ab6BB8A73bA2Cd6
Binance Address: 0xB0D502E938ed5f4df2E681fE6E419ff29631d62b
Avalanche Address: 0x2F6F07CDcf3588944Bf4C42aC74ff24bF56e7590
Fantom Address: 0x2F6F07CDcf3588944Bf4C42aC74ff24bF56e7590
Polygon Address: 0x2F6F07CDcf3588944Bf4C42aC74ff24bF56e7590
  • Ethereum
  • BNB
  • Avax
  • Matic
  • Fantom
  • Arbitrum
  • Optimism
  • None Yet
  • Start of Private Allocation Vesting: March 18, 2023

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Special comments not covered by the rating system:

The website is at par with modern standards of web design. Concise but still able to clearly show what the protocol is about. Full points for the website. They made a whitepaper on how to solve the briding trilemma. In their paper, they present the Delta algorithm, a novel resource balancing algorithm that leverages cross-chain liquidity to enable a new class of cross-chain bridges that deals purely in native assets while still maintaining instantly guaranteed finality. With delta, large networks of blockchains connect to enable the quick and easy transfer of native assets from chain to chain. It’s almost a full thesis with their methodology improved. Full points here. It was not found on their website so had to do some digging but found out that it’s Ryan Zarick and Bryan Pelligrino. The founder Bryan had a previous project called OpenToken and according to PitchBook, their latest deal amounted to $2.5M. That’s successful for me. Plus one point for a total of five points. Their vision is clear. A seamless 1:1 native asset cross-chain liquidity pool. They do not have a publicly stated roadmap but I really do believe in their goal with this project, plus one point.

Only one potentially malicious function is found, which is the mint function. Liquidity is unlocked. Multi-sig is employed especially for things that may change the stargate protocol or for things that would use the treasury. It is a 3 out of 5 in this category.

It is a tool to solve a major problem, which is finances. It’s part of the equation in crypto’s drive for mass adoption. Currently, bridging is a daunting task with lots of clicks and screens just to send over funds from one chain to another. With Stargate, it will only take a few. It has the means of generating profit but I don’t think it would be enough. This is a new protocol with a new algorithm. I’m going to give it four points. Currently has only two competitors that I know of which are Lattice Exchange and Rune. There’s 35% allocated and divided between the team and the investors. This is pretty significant, which later down the road will lead to massive sell pressure. The good news is that it is a 1-year lock with 2 years of linear vesting unlock. Only 8% of the supply is currently unlocked. This means a lot of tokens to be sold down the line. No other game theory mechanics aside from staking, governance, and the token’s utility. Staking would reward users more if they lock portions for a longer period of time. The token utility is quite high at the moment with 16% of the circulating supply being used for transactions. With an unlocked market cap of about 300m and a vesting schedule of 1-year lock up, I’m looking at around 10x potential from the current prices which is a 3 billion market cap. Token valuation is almost undervalued currently at a 0.95 TVL/Market Cap ratio. With an estimated APY of 20%, I will be giving this project 2 out of 5 points.

Fully working product right out of the gate. Full marks here. It has around 13,000 members over both discord and telegram groups. However, they had an active community manager who answered my questions promptly. Pretty big Twitter following with 23 thousand followers at the moment however, their engagement rate is less than 1% which is pretty subpar. They need to hype the crypto Twitter space more. Good coverage with medium size influencer coverage. Still no big influencer coverage. This should change in the coming days. 0xMaki has joined their team and is partnering up with SushiSwap. You know what they say, invest in the tools, not on the product itself. This is one of those instances. Good narrative


  • Team metrics are outstanding. These are really good engineers with great experience and or background.
  • Has great utility/product. Almost no competition yet.
  • Community activity is good.


  • Bad tokenomics.
  • Liquidity is unlocked and no smart contract audit. But for projects like this, I think we can make an excuse?








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