Secret World ($SSD)

Secret World ($SSD)

MetaVerse, P2E
Secret World

Contract Address: 0xD87dC2841aaB1ba556F4823Eb3E5D35abB9b9dC9

Binance Smart Chain

  • Presale: 2022.03.12 13:00 (UTC)

Secret World is the first metaverse bridge between the real and virtual world on the blockchain. It offers P2E gaming model, enabling users to come together, communicate on the platform and play immersive games, all this while making significant earnings through it.

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Community & Hype Metrics

  • Twitter: 32500 followers
  • Telegram: 91413 Members
  • Discord: 15413 Members

  • Critical: 0 | 0
  • Major: 2 | 0
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None for now.

Fundamental Analysis
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For the professionalism criteria, the website is sufficient. Though while not the prettiest, it has conveyed information clearly and it did not take me long to determine what the project is about. The website was recently registered last October 30, 2021 which indicates that the project was hastily done. The documentation and roadmap are sufficient. The road map is realistic, detailed and outlilnes the project’s vision but only until the mid term. There’s no available data on the team nor was a KYC done. The smart contract is audited by reputable companies, namely, Certik and SolidProof. No critical issues were found by certik with only two majjor issues concerning centralization (ownership unrenounced) and ability to mint. SolidProof stated that it passed the audit without any critical, high or medium risk issues. Hotbit has also certified the project. Full points here. For the function checks, the contract owner can blacklist addresses which can be considered a honeypot risk. It also has a mint function, if used unproperly can crash the price of the token. Code quality is standard. Nothing extraordinary, well, for the token that is. They have their github public with only 1 commit so far. Average score here.

For value creation, it solves a major problem. That problem is boredom. It’s not simply a wealth distribution use case. Innovativeness? Probably. If it can actually pull off mass adoption of a VR metaverse which is a tall order. Currently, we are pretty suspicious if it can actually deliver on its metaverse. There are a lot of metaverse projects out there. The good thing is it’s kinda hot right now. There’s decentraland, the sandbox, axie infinity, illuvium and a ton of other projects. It’s a pretty crowded space. It would have scored only 1 if “META” wasn’t trending. Market analysis states the video game industry is an 86 billion dollar industry just in the United States alone while MetaVerse in general is 14.8 trillion dollar industry world wild according to Statista. It is massive and it is ripe for decentralization. In the tokenomics side, it has a 100 billion supply with no prominent economic mechanisms to retain value. If the token has no buyer, the price has no mechanisms to stop people from selling or incentivizing it. However, we cannot fully assess it until all the features are out.

Moon potential, I’m actually putting it at 50x at its peak. Depending on how the initial market cap, that’s around 50m to 250m. That’s nothing to scoff at, but compared to its competition, is quite disappointing. Return on Investment, if you stake is 6 months. 220 days of staking is 200% APY. That’s great if it can actually retain the price.

It has a large community with 91,413 members on telegram and 15,289 members on discord. It’s a large community but has little activity relatively. I suspect botted accounts but still, that’s a massive community. It has a big social media presence in twitter but according to sparktoro, there’s 30% fake followers. That’s shameful. I would have given it a 4 star if there were no fake followers. Engagement is good with the community. There are regular updates to the community and moderaters are actively answering the questions of new members. Morale is neutral at the moment but I suspect it will become hopeful and euphoric for the next few days. Narrative wise, it’s average. It has potential but so do other metaverse projects. It has a working staking system upon launch but other than that, there are no demo yet.


  • Backed by HotBit, a CEX, right out of the bat.
  • Fairlaunch.
  • Audit is stellar.
  • Very informative documentation and website.
  • Large market to tap into.


  • No team doxxing.
  • Lots of competition limits mooning potential.
  • We are pessimistic about its ability to deliver on its metaverse game.

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Project Estimates

Based on our experience of the reviewing multiple projects, here are our estimates.

0 k
Market Cap during Initial Review
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Potential Multiplier
0 m
Estimated Peak Market Cap
Overall Risk Level

High Risk

Given the Conviction Level of Moderate and a Market Cap of Extremely Early, we have deemed this project to be of high risk. We expect that you do not allocate more than 0.5% of your portfolio in this project and that you take your initial capital out as soon as possible. Then, take out most of your investments before it reaches 6x from your initial investment.

Conviction Level
With a total score of 3.1, we have rated this project to be of moderate conviction level.
Portfolio Allocation
Taking into account our conviction level and the current market cap of the project, we are only allocating 0.5% of our portfolio into this project.
Market Cap
Currently in Presale Status, we are still very early to this project.
Investment Horizon
With an overall risk level of high, our investment horizon will be limited to short term only. Secure your capital as soon as possible.

Price Multiplier

Sell % of Initial Token

% Potential Loss

















5% every week


Technical Analysis aka Horoscope. Magic Ball. Hocus Pocus.

Given the very low volume and early nature. No discernable technical analysis can be done. However..

It is currently undergoing a compression which could go either ways, to the upside and the downside. Once it approaches the apex of the triangle, expect a breakout followed by a retracement to the resistance/support line. Confirm the movement with heavy volume relative to the timeline.

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