Pethereum ($PETH)

Pethereum ($PETH)

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Binance Smart Chain

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  • Presale: 2nd Quarter 2022

Pethereum is a Play-to-Earn metaverse with no paywall/entrance fee. Players can collect pets freely via playing games on their mobile devices. Every pet collected in the game is also an NFT in the blockchain. Players earn Pethereum Crystals by playing these games with their pets. Players can play Pethereum for free on iOS and Android devices.

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  • Documentation & Roadmap
  • Team
  • Value
  • Quality
  • Competition
  • Tokenomics
  • Supply
  • Game Theory
  • Moon Potential
  • ROI
  • Working Product
  • Community Following
  • Social Media Presence
  • Partners & Marketing
  • Narrative
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What can I say more? This is a loaded team from a known game developer who was able to market their previous game to millions of downloads. That alone is enough for most people to hop on board the project. People would say invest in a team, then I say, this team is it. They have the expertise, experience, and team structure to prove to be successful.

Game quality-wise, I don’t think the gameplay loop would be that good based on their description in the whitepaper. However, we truly cannot assess this until the game is released. But for now, I’ll grade it as average. Competition-wise, though the gaming market is one of the biggest out there, it’s also one of the most saturated. Their tokenomics is also not inspiring. They allotted more than 40% of the supply to those who would later sell on the holders. Aside from that, less than 20% would be the initial circulating supply based on their vesting schedule. This would mean that a lot of dilution would happen later on as the tokens start getting vested. Game theory-wise, they have mechanisms that incentivize holders to not sell their tokens. They also have deflationary mechanisms in place to further increase the price floor. The economy loop is thought out but it’s yet to be seen if it becomes sustainable, at least for the medium term. Moon potential-wise, I believe it has more than 100x potential. This is totally dependent on the starting market cap but if it launches below the 10m market cap, it’s quite doable. 

No working product yet, only screenshots. No doubt they’ll be able to make a game, with a studio of their caliber. We’ll just update the score later on. Good social media presence currently with lots of influencers and shillers covering the project, even when it is this early into the project. They have 5 partners with good marketing output.


  • Legit game developer with a proven successful product.
  • Outstanding documentation, the roadmap is clear and website is up to par.
  • Economy loop is thought out nicely.
  • Has a nice moon potential with a very fast ROI time.
  • Lots of social media presence and coverage.
  • Good marketing output with a good narrative.


  • Too much team allocation with a low initial circulating supply.
  • Has lots of competition.
  • Community following is average.








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With a total score of 3.6, we have rated this project to be of moderate conviction level.
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Market Cap
The project is still in the whitelisting phase. No indication of the starting market cap yet.
Investment Horizon
With an overall risk level of high, our investment horizon will be limited to short term only. Secure your capital as soon as possible.
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