On-Chain Wizardry: Whale Watching

There are lots of things you can find on your favorite blockchain explorer. It’s like a digital accountant of everything happening on the smart chain. One of the favorite things I like to do is follow the breadcrumbs of those higher in the food chain.

It’s simple. Those higher in the pyramid, stand to gain the most. Being informed of their moves will help you in being early. There are three kinds of wallets you want to be following:

  • The first wallets in a stealth launch
    • This would mean that either they are insiders, or sniping new contracts deployed on the smart chain. Either way, both are very good addresses to track.
  • Known dev wallets
    • It does not matter if they’re a shitcoin dev, a fork dev, or some other kind of dev. Based on the pyramid, they make the most amount of money. Follow them if you’re able to identify them.
  • Whales who invested early in projects that are doing good
    • This would mean that through either good fundamental analysis, technical analysis, or insider knowledge, they were able to identify good projects to get into.

So how do we find these addresses, and how do we track them?

Go to the blockchain explorer of your smart chain.

  • BSCScan
  • EthScan
  • SnowTrace
  • FantomScan
  • SolScan
  • and others..

Input the contract address of a project that you want to whale watch on.

In this example, I’ll be using

For stealth launches, you want to search for the biggest transactions during the launch period. They will in most cases be the devs themselves, their friends, or new contract snipers. Any of those three will be good wallets to track. Most stealth launches will fail and rug, then they’ll just repeat the process all over again.

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