Nekowa ($NEWA)

Nekowa ($NEWA)

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Binance Smart Chain

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  • Mint Presale: 2022.03.15

NEKOWA is a lively and joyful NFT game that is suitable for everyone. The concept of the game is that the players have to collect the cute cat characters to complete each mission. NEKOWA comes from the cat universe that players will never get bored of. The game is designed to be user-friendly because the concept is not too complicated. After the game developers have launched NEKOWA, players can play it on the website as soon as they own the character. Each cat character has a different passive skill. The higher the skill, the more beneficial it is to complete the mission.

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For the professionalism criteria, the website is rather unique. It’s built somewhat up to modern design standards and has clearly shown relevant information. There are however many grammatical errors and vague information. The website was recently registered last year. The first red flag, the real registers under 1 minute, is fake. If you keep refreshing it, it will show the same wallet addresses with a different timestamp. The documentation and roadmap are highly detailed, realistic but only cover until the mid-term. While there’s a public profile of the team, I had a hard time finding more information regarding the team members. I was not able to locate any social media profiles or LinkedIn details. While all this information might be true, I have no way of publicly verifying this information. No smart contract audit is available nor did they publicly state a plan to audit their code. The smart contract has a mint function which is standard stuff for P2E games but can still be abused by malicious actors. The smart contract owner can also change the fees which can prevent you from selling your tokens. This is a honeypot risk. They also have a pause and unpause function which can stop trading altogether. The wallet analysis shows it is divided according to how they stated it. HOWEVER, there are two wallets holding a small amount of NEWA token. Security issue. The smart contract is standard stuff, nothing exceptional. I do not have access to their game code which is understandable. They also do not have GitHub available. 

Moon potential, I’m actually putting it at 10-20x at its peak. Depending on how the initial market cap, that’s around 15m to 30m. That’s nothing to scoff at, but compared to its competition, is quite disappointing. Return on Investment, if you stake is 6 months. 220 days of staking is 200% APY. That’s great if it can actually retain the price.


  • Has a working product.
  • Documentation and roadmap are very good.
  • Return on Investment is less than 2 months. Standard stuff for P2E games but great nonetheless.


  • Red flags/outright lies noted.
  • Large team token allocation.
  • Lackluster social media presence and community activity.
  • Probably a standard pump and dump. Nothing exceptional regarding the economic principles.
  • No audit or publicly verifiable team information.






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