Lattice Exchange ($LTX)

Lattice Exchange ($LTX)

Lattice exchange is an AMM-based DEX that supports seamless cross-chain swaps and a multitude of DeFi applications by utlizing Constellation's Hypergraph. The platform is the gateway to unlocked digital assets by combining speed, security and cost savings at the forefront.

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Ethereum Address: 0x69884dA24F31960F694A8fa1f30aA8E0416FBD04
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Special comments not covered by the rating system:

The website looks professional and up to modern standards. It looks “too professional” on my own. It’s kinda boring. But boring may be good in this case. The website was registered last 2020. It is a doxxed team with proper credentials, connections, and personnel to be an effective development team. The team has past projects/companies. The roadmap has not been updated for the 2022 term. However, they are on schedule for each task list. The vision is clear however with this project and that is to be an evolution of existing Defi solutions by providing better liquidity and more efficient automated market-making algorithms.

The only potentially malicious function present in the smart contract is a mint function. They have their GitHub public which is an additional point for me. The wallet is locked with UniCrypt but absolutely 0% is locked. It’s just there for visual purposes only. I started counting from the 10th wallet onwards. The top 10 public wallets held 5.5% of the total allocation. The volatility¬†score is currently at 5.6% which is pretty great. Negates large sells but illiquid enough to make the price moon.

It’s part of the equation in crypto’s drive for mass adoption. Currently, bridging is a daunting task with lots of clicks and screens just to send over funds from one chain to another. With Lattice, it will only take a few. It has the means of generating profit through fee-sharing from the AMM Dex, LaunchPad, and Lending Service. I am not sure if this would be enough to cover all the expenses of the protocol but I am hopeful with this protocol. Good quality new protocol. The UI is friendly however it is new and yet to be tested. Until it has been thoroughly stress tested, I will be scoring this with 4 points. Currently has only two competitors that I know of which are Stargate and Rune. 43% of the allocation is distributed to private individuals. 18% for private sale rounds, 15% for the team and the advisors, and 10% for marketing purposes. This is towards the high end of our spectrum. There’s is a vesting schedule but it is not particularly long. Currently, 33% of the supply is circulating while the others are locked. The supply is deflationary with each transaction burning an amount of LTX token. Currently sitting at 33 million market cap. Its competitors: Pancakeswap currently is at 2.3 billion market cap and uni swap at 5.1 billion market cap. I’m projecting a 700 million market cap once marketing launches and if constellation hypergraph is massively adopted. That would be 23x its current market cap. Can it go higher? Certainly, but these are my more pessimistic estimates of its peak. APY is currently 25-155% depending on the program. I would be giving it a score of 2 or 3.

34000 subscribers across Twitter and Youtube. Not shabby! However, they have bad engagement rates of 0.3%. They need to up their Twitter game. For marketing, the influencers’ average subscriber count of 4.8 thousand on youtube, with the largest channel having 40.3 thousand subscribers. No marketing has been started yet.


  • The team is phenomenal.
  • The contract has been audited with a public GitHub.
  • The volatility metric is almost right where you want it to be. Resilient but moon-able.
  • Great product overall with little competition.


  • Just like with Stargate Finance, they have bad tokenomics leading to a big selling pressure down the road.
  • Liquidity is not locked and is prone to a price crash if the whales band together.
  • Marketing has not started yet.






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