How to Track Whale Wallets Easily!

How to Track Whale Wallets Easily!

On-Chain Analysis has been the trending topic lately on CT, so as a #threadooor let me hop on the bandwagon.

So initially, OnChain Wizard shared just how potent it is to track whale wallets.

I always knew how powerful tracking whale wallets could be but it was such a chore a few months ago. I was able to identify whale wallets but tracking them was unintuitive, cumbersome, and outright bothersome. So, I said fuck it and just stuck with fundamental analysis.

However, with tools such as @DeBankDeFi and @nansen_ai, it’s never been this easier!

But, you might be wondering, just what information can you get from tracking whale wallets, what they mean and how you can capitalize on it? @CryptoPothu got you covered!

Now, I’m no expert but let’s explore the different ways of watching whales move in the sea of crypto. In the end, I’ll show you an easier way of differentiating a whale wallet from those of the shrimps. So make sure to read till the end!

Which wallets are best to watch?

1. First few large wallets during a launch

These are probably the devs, insiders, or on-chain wizards scouting for contracts receiving liquidity.

2. Whale wallets who were able to time the bottom, followed by a pump.

These are probably a group of whales pumping a coin, an insider that knows a catalyst, a TA guy, or got incredibly lucky.

3. Influencer wallets

Especially potent if a group of them simultaneously buys or receives a project’s token. This means ‘wen marketing’ is soon.

4. Market Makers

It is especially useful to track Top 100+ and Venture Capitalist wallets. Cross-reference the holder list between their announced partnerships. These wallets move the market by themselves and other people follow them.

Tracking the Top 100:

Tracking Venture Capitalist wallets:

5. Follow the paper trail

Using this trick shown by @0xLosingMoney, you can isolate wallets that the project wallet has interacted with. These wallets are probably the dev team and their friends, especially if it’s a shit coin. You know what that means right? More developers and more insiders.

So now, I’ll explain my process how to I find Whale Wallets

And it’s significantly easier than how other people do it. The process is similar to finding wallets that invested during the launch, and those who have been able to time the bottom.

I’ll be using only three tools:

  • @DexGuru (
  • @DeBankDeFi (
  • Blockchain scanner

Let’s go through two examples, here’s a stealth launch example for $SATS

Go to, input the contract address, and maximize the trading volume panel.

Find at what date the stealth launch happened, in our example, it was last July 28, 2021

Click on filter transactions, check buy, input a custom date (in our case it is July 28, 2021) and under the trader category, choose the whale.

Now, we found a suitable target. Someone sold so early, just on the first day? Probably a dev or someone with special allocation. Click on its profile to maximize the wallet.

Definitely a whale wallet. And now, we have a list of tokens he has invested in and what’s their current status. Kaiba he is about 1.5x, AGFI he is breakeven and on RDPX he’s -50%.

For degen plays, I’m only going to invest in a half-moon or a full moon. But if I see a probably high conviction play, I’ll definitely do more thorough research on those new moons. It means it’s probably undervalued!

And now, we track it on @debankdefi so that we could track instantly the wallet’s moves.

Let’s do another one for those whales who have been able to time the bottom!

I’m going to use $hybrid for this example. April 13, 2021 is the date of the reversal, let’s take note of that.

So, there were 3 whales who cause the pump that day. FOMO set in and 4x happened shortly. Either, these 3 are friends, are TA guys, or they knew marketing was going to happen that day. Either ways, we don’t need to know, we’ll just follow their transactions using DeBank.

Here’s another thread going in-depth on On-Chain Analytics @VirtualKenji

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