Investment Fund for DeFi. GameFi. NFT.

You buy $hares and HODL. We find and invest in new and promising degen projects. You get BUSD rewards automatically every week.

This is our Usecase. Utility. Purpose. way of making you money!

While most consider Crypto Venture Capitalism as already a risky endeavor, we’re going to go one step ahead. We’re going to invest on projects that we deemed fit to be profitable, even only in the very short term, whatever the risk is. 

How do we choose the project to invest the treasury on? That’s where ‘reviews as a service‘ comes in. The profit we generate from our ventures, we will return to our holders as rewards.

We want to be the Certik of Fundamental Analysis. We will do a review of a project based on a set of criteria which we have carefully crafted. We will then post these findings on our discord server first, then on our social media platforms after.

With our reviews, you are almost always sure that the projects you are investing are of quality.

Profits made by reviewing other projects will be returned to $hareholders through BUSD rewards.


Our team will identify and invest in the best assets, yield farms and games thata have a high probability of generating profits. Profits are returned to holders on a monthly basis.

Our treasury is set in building a vault of NFTs, handpicked by the team themselves, which will generate income for $hareholders regardless of the market condition.

Think of Cryptonairz but on steroids. Our discord server will contain pertinent information on upcoming projects with potential. Share your thoughts with like minded apes in our channels.

Variable Tax System

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Buy Tax
0 %
Sell within 7 Days
0 %
Sell within 45 Days
0 %
Sell within 275 Days
0 %
Sell After 275 Days

Tax Allocation

Auto Liquidity
To reduce price volatility and price impact of buy and sell actions.
Used in investments to sustain the protocol and give profits back to the $hareholders.
Backing Assets
Will automatically buy tokens and burn them to permanently increase the price floor.
Trading volume will significantly reward long term $hareholdlers by giving them a portion of the tax.
This will be used to refill the marketing wallet which will be used to fund a monthly campaign.
February Monthly Update

Project Statistics

We're gonna win so much that you're going to be sick of winning! Here's the proof!

Projects Reviewed
Project Investments
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Wins (2x or more)
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Treasury Balance
$ 0
Rewards Distributed
We make HODLing worthwhile!

Ape Into Tokenomics

Our tokenomics revolves around you getting paid and getting your return-on-investment through dividends and not through trading. Our tokens are a symbol of your equity in our protocol and not a commodity that you trade. We value long term partnership between you and the project.

Liquidity is locked in PancakeSwap and ownership of the contract has been renounced. Multi-sig will be employed on appropriate wallets. KYC and Smart Contract Audit are plannned.
BUSD Rewards
Instead of wasting time and effort looking for the next big opportunity, leave the research and analysis to us. They you get rewards from our investments. It's that simple.
Ever Rising Price
Every transaction will lock a certain percentage as liquidity and another part will be burned, creating an ever rising price. Truly hyper-deflationary.
Promote HODLing
The longer your hold our $hares tokens, the more rewards you are entitled to. Our tax system promotes long term holding before taking profits. We prefer you get your money back from the rewards.
We have built our ecosystem to build on top of each other thus our roadmap is very clear on what we should do and how we should get there.
Meet the Team
While we would like to preserve our identities until we can legally register our project (team members become a separate entity from the project), we do understand the importance of getting doxxed. Thus, once we have built up our treasury, we will do a KYC with "" and "AssureDefi".
Allocations & Technical Details
To reduce the sell pressure, we only kept a small portion of the total supply for the protocol. Everything else is up for sale to keep it decentralized.

Become a $hareholder

Get access to our discord server and join our community to interact with like-minded ape individuals. The more $hares you hold, the more benefits you get. If you don't like holding our token, you may pay a monthly fee to gain access to our premium discord channels.

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Ape Into Ecosystem

DeFi HYPE Forks
Passive income generation with varying daily yields (0.25-1%). We fork popular protocols and put our twist on it to become more sustainable. Nodes, OHMs, Tombs, Titanos, Police & Thief Game and more.. Name it and we'll fork it!
Investment Fund
NFT, GameFi or Defi. We will invest on your behalf on all things degen through venture capitalism, yield farming, and speculation. Let us do the searching and researching of new projects for you! Profits from the investment will then be rewarded back to all our $hareholders.
Crypto B2B Services
We provide services to other projects such as reviews, audits, marketing, management and consultancy. The profits from these would then be distributed to all our $hareholders.

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