Decentralized Foundation($DeFo)

Decentralized Foundation($DeFo)

Decentralized Foundation (DEFO) is a DeFi-As-A-Service protocol on the AVAX network that aims to leverage the world of DeFi to generate funds while also helping the most in need through their charity donations.

Contract Address: TBA
  • Avalanche
  • May 9, 2022

04/25/22: Initial Review

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Fundamental Analysis
  • Website
  • Documentation
  • KYC
  • Partners
  • Contract Audit
  • Use Case
  • Quality
  • Competition
  • Tokenomics
  • Supply
  • Token Utility
  • Moon Potential
  • Working Product
  • Community
  • Social Media Presence
  • Influencer
  • Narrative
User Review
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The website is up to par. The website is clean and clear with what the protocol is about. There are some suggestions I can make regarding the information laid out. Documentation is also clear with the information it wants to convey. It would be better if they added the mathematical equation their math guy did and how it relates to the protocol. KYCed by AssureDefi. It would be better if they just added their LinkedIn profiles since they already showed their faces. I cannot publicly verify their experience, specializations and capabilities. No other partners or investors.

Audited by coinscope, later on by Certik. They also do financial audits which is very refreshing. All of the liquidity will be locked for at least 180 days. I won’t score them until they do it. They have a price stabilizer bot that buys when the token price is dumping and sells when it moons too much. This will improve price stability.

People will not pay or join the protocol if it does not “POTENTIALLY” give more compensation or reward. The product or service they are offering basically promises they will be rewarded more. Innovates on existing node protocols such as Cubo and Valifi but otherwise is a known model. Lots of competition. They also don’t have a competitive moat around them that makes it hard to copy them but so far, they have innovated the most out of their competitors. Good tokenomics but the team’s portion will be vested immediately. But Dazai during our series of talks, have stated that they’re considering getting rid of the team allocation and just profit like a regular employee. The entire supply will be circulating immediately. Lots of mechanics are in place to ensure “sustainability” as compared to other protocols. But no doubt in my mind that the rewards will outpace the demand. This is where phase 2 comes in. No estimated starting market cap was given. However, given the current overall crypto sentiment and the narrative behind the project. I’m giving it a 2 for now or maybe a 3?

It is surprising that they only have a small community. But during my little time spent there, it was fairly active; both the chat and the community managers. Still, a lot of work is needed to increase community following. It is surprisingly low engagement given that Dazai probably controls it. They need to hype up CT more. Dazai himself would be the main influencer promoting the project and I’m sure some of his influencer friends would also cover the project once it is released and they have positioned themselves. I’m adding a point here for influencer coverage. Node projects have a good narrative to moon. BUT don’t get carried away by their philanthropic narrative. No one buys for philanthropy, there’s only a small percentage of the population willing to do that and an even smaller percentage in crypto. What their narrative is, is that they are trying to build the most sustainable node protocol. Given that it’s a hot topic, it will be a good narrative to pounce on if they can capitalize on it.


  • Tokenomics and Initial Supply is great.
  • Project has a lot of mechanics in place to sustain the price.
  • Website and documentation is good.


  • No partners or investors. It’s all grass roots movement.
  • A lot of node competition.
  • Social media presence needs work.

Cash Flow

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Yield Gems (F) Yield Gems Rewards Vault
Reward Fee (T) NFT Booster Rewards Reward Tapering
Maintenance Fee (T) Vault Lottery Sell Restriction
Vault Fee (T)
NFT Booster (F)
Daas Rewards (T)
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Project Estimates

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High Risk

Given the Conviction Level of Moderate and a Market Cap of Extremely Low (PreSale), we have deemed this project to be of High Risk. We expect that you do not allocate more than 1% of your portfolio; with a recommended allocation of 0.5% in this project (For a $100k Portfolio) and that you take your initial capital as soon as possible.

Conviction Level
Medium conviction. This is our belief that the project will do well in the long run.
Portfolio Allocation
Taking into account our conviction level and the current market cap of the project, this would be the minimum allocation of this project in our portfolio.
Market Cap
This is the current market cap or status of the project. A younger project will be more prone to black swan events.
Investment Horizon
Our investment horizon will be limited to this time period. Any longer and we risk getting our capital wiped out.


Let them be able to buy NFTs that bypass the daily limit onf minting. The income generated will offset any future inflation.
Make it clear that there is a sell restriction. People will surely buy to swing trade, not knowing of this mechanic.
Community following and social media presence can both be remedied by a good bounty referral program.
A hype/vibe man could be very useful. I really believe a working meme culture will skyrocket a project.
Their mechanics in terms of sustainability should be highlighted. That’s what I look first during my initial read of the whitepaper, and I bet most people do.
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