Clover Seeds (SEED$)

Clover Seeds (SEED$)

Public Launch
Coin Tracker Listing
Contract Address: 0xea28f75b2b0757e6622d30ec27faf4cb8132fdab

Binance Smart Chain

  • None for now.

Clover Seeds is a new NFT Node Game on Binance Smart Chain with daily rewards of up to 15%. Players will have to take care of their land like real farmers, to grow SEED$ and collect their rewards.

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Fundamental Analysis
  • Website
  • Documentation & Roadmap
  • Team
  • Code Quality
  • Contract Audit
  • Function Check
  • Liquidity
  • Wallet
  • Volatility
  • Value
  • Quality
  • Competition
  • Tokenomics
  • Sustainability
  • Moon Potential
  • ROI
  • Working Product
  • Community
  • Social Media Presence
  • Marketing & Partners
  • Holders
  • Narrative
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Website navigation could use an uplift. It took a few clicks to find out what info I was searching for. Bad UI/UX. Just recently registered meaning it might be a rushed project. While their medium is of good quality, their GitBook was a mess. Not much information was shared, nor were they presented in a clear, concise manner. A contract audit was made by Dessert Finance and they saw a bunch of functions that could potentially be used in bad faith. While it is not a honey pot, it is making me nervous. Their liquidity was locked for a long time and with a relatively large percentage of it. Wallet analysis is also outstanding. There’s not much ‘whales’ yet per se but due to the volatility of having so low liquidity in this very early project, price impact will still be high. 

No use case aside from wealth distribution. They don’t have a utility or a plan of making money. It’s all just a Ponzi. Check the section below regarding money flow. Quality is of average, they tried innovating, a person can theoretically ‘loss’ something when buying a node (not getting their equivalent daily ROI, which gives everyone else more to share with). Competition is a lot and the model itself is pretty unsustainable. But still, at the time of writing this review, it’s very early at 96,000 liquidity. I could maybe see a peak of around 5x to 10x realistically. ROI is pretty fast, no qualms there.

I suspect botted accounts on their Telegram and Twitter. They have a ton of members in Telegram but less than 500 holders? Something is not holding up. Their Twitter account also suggested a high number of low-quality accounts, likely botted also.


  • Has a working product.
  • Some innovation was noted, somebody could theoretically lose their money’s worth.
  • ROI is pretty fast and very early on the project.
  • Wallet analysis is good


  • No use case. The protocol does not have a way of making money.
  • Functions are making me nervous
  • No team info
  • Lackluster social media presence and community activity, likely botted.
  • Low holder count, lots of competition.






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Overall Risk Level

Extremely High Risk

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Conviction Level
With a total score of 2.5, we have rated this project to be of low conviction level.
Portfolio Allocation
Taking into account our conviction level and the current market cap of the project, we are only allocating 0.25% of our portfolio into this project.
Market Cap
Currently a few days after public launch, we are very early to this project.
Investment Horizon
With an overall risk level of extremely high, our investment horizon will be limited to short term only. Secure your capital as soon as possible.

People already took profit, found support at the Fibonnaci 0.618 level indicating that it is currently at a support level. Given that the RSI is not yet oversold or overbought yet on the 4H time frame. If you’re patient, you should look for more confluence with other indicators before entering. Otherwise, enter now and set your stop loss at -25%. That’s what I would do anyways.

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