Alkimi Exchange ($ADS)

Alkimi Exchange ($ADS)

Alkimi decentralized ad exchange rewards users, publishers and advertisers for rebuilding the intended value exchange of the open web. Fewer ads, better user experience, increased engagement.

Public Launch
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Contract Address: 0x2c9856bcd97782bbcd3c6477cdf5755050907deb
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04/24/22: Initial lReview

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Alkimi’s website is attractive, fast, and clean. However, if we don’t dive into the auxiliary info such as the whitepaper, we’ll be at loss at what the project is all about.

The token utility includes the requirement of holding $ADS to use the platform, and increasing ad bandwidth pool throughput and fees. 58% of the total supply is for special allocation. With the private sale costing 0.04$ per token or 2.5x above the listing price. The vesting schedule is really fast at 50% during TGE and another 50% 6 months after. The good news is that the private sale allocation has been fully vested already. Thus, currently, a maximum of 38% is left on the special allocation. Much of the supply has been vested already. Only 9% is locked. I’m looking at a theoretical peak of 300m market cap which is more than 5x.

They have not released their platform yet. Very poor engagement on Twitter. However, there’s a growing grass-root movement on Twitter just because it’s associated with $DAG. 60k Twitter follower is pushing $ADS. BitBoy shill and CryptoGains shill on YouTube. However, this was 6 months ago. 590 searches for a month on youtube. Not much buzz yet on Google.


  • Great Team.
  • Ads infrastructure is really profitable. As evidence Google and Facebook.
  • No competition yet.
  • Should pump if $DAG does.


  • Tokenomics could be improved. The good thing is that most of the supply has been vested already.
  • While they do have partners and investors, there’s no one prominent, with connections or with deep pockets.
  • They had a marketing campaign during launch, but has since dried up.




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